Brasher Dual Trail Sock


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Product Description

Often when looking for outdoor products you need to find items fit for more than one purpose. Brasher Dual Trail socks can be classed as a bit of an all rounder.

If you’re looking for a pair of socks for a bit of walking, running, climbing, travelling etc then these socks should be applicable for the above.

Made from two layers the socks have different materials providing different support to your feet. The inner is a soft anti blister layer stitched to the outer sock at the toe and the cuff. It doesn’t come out when you take the socks off, which can happen to some dual layer socks. Check out the pictures of the sock turned inside out.

Around the toe and the heel there’s extra cushioning to increase comfort. There’s a flat seam around the toes too to avoid any rubbing where the material has been stitched. Around the cuff is Lycra material to keep everything snug.

The whole sock features ThermoCool fibres which we’ve seen on other clothing items such as baselayers. It keeps your feet warm in cooler conditions and allows cool air to flow in the warmer climates.

As from the photo on the left you’ll see the socks fit just above my ankle. For some people wearing walking boots you might want longer socks to prevent any rubbing around the top of your ankle.

Classed as two season they are not the thickest but they make a good sock for the average temperature in the UK.

I’ve tested out the socks in two different walking boots. Boots over the ankles and walking shoes. For both the comfort was great, my feet didn’t get too sweaty and no blisters.

Priced at an RRP of around £11 they are a reasonable price for a decent pair of socks. A quick hunt for prices and we have found them priced under a £9. However the amount of use and lack of blisters is worth the price!