Brasher Altai GTX Mens Walking Boot

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Product Description

The Brasher Altai GTX mens walking boot is an ideal choice for walkers in the UK. Lightweight yet tough, its a great option for walking in most terrain in the UK. As ever, here’s a quick run though the highlights and features.

On the top you have a mix of fabrics, mainly abrasion resistant suede upper with fabric panels under the laces. The toe is protected with a rubber toe bumper to avoid any stubbed toes. Round the back of the heel is another patch of abrasive material to stop any damage.

Three hooks on either side help tie up the laces securing the boot tightly around your ankle. When tightened you should feel the comfort of the memory foam (yes, like the memory foam mattress you can get!) in the collar for additional comfort. Inside, it is lined with waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® fabric which will keep your feet dry.

To avoid any blisters or leg fatigue there’s the tri-Fit Technology for support, stability and comfort. If you want a closer look pull out the inner sole and turn over, you’ll see the different elements which help to cushion your stride. Finally a Vibram Winkler sole which as well as providing superb grip makes for a excellent shock absorber.

The mens boot comes in sizes 8 to 12, only in the colour red/grey as was the model we had to sample. The pair of mens size 10 we had weighed in at 1.6 kg overall which is lightweight considering how sturdy and big the boot is.

A good comparison for the Altai GTX boots is the Brasher Kiso GTX Mens Hiking Boots which weigh in at 1.1 kg. The Altai GTX’s are slightly sturdier and bulkier than the Kiso GTX’s which is reflected in the weight difference.

I tested the Brasher Altai GTX out in the peaks near to Edale on a dry day after a down pour the night before. What stood out for me was the support from the sole and the inner sole, when walking downhill. I’m just under 14st so there’s a fair bit of weight forced down into the boot when descending, often I can get slight pain in the knee but this was significantly reduced. No blistered too! Not bad for a pair yet to be properly broken in.

Overall the boot is ideal for most conditions in the UK and suitable for the experienced walker or someone new to the outdoors looking to spend a little cash on new gear. Currently the Brasher Altai GTX Mens Walking Boot come in at an RRP of £135.