Berghaus Womens Tryfan Jacket

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Product Description

Launched this month, we’ve managed to get hold of the Berghaus Womens Tryfan Jacket which is part of the company’s autumn / winter 2010/11 trail collection.

First up, let’s take a look at the overall look of the Tryfan jacket. Our jacket is in a lovely purple berry colour while the zips are in a bright baby blue colour. I have never really thought about putting these two colours together but i have to say, they actually look pretty good together. Well done Berghaus! In terms of length, the jacket practically covers your bum so you’re top half is pretty well covered.

The Berghaus Womens Tryfan Jacket is fairly lightweight though it would be warm enough for an autumn’s day walk with just a baselayer on underneath. It is made from the company’s AQ2 fabric which provides protection against the elements, namely wind and water. The jacket is also extremely breathable.

One of the Tryfan jacket’s key features are the large zips under the armpits. These can be unzipped to improve airflow to your armpits, helping you feel much more comfortable and less sweaty. When zipped, they are quite discreet as the zips are hidden under a small flap. Also, the zips are not coloured in a bright baby blue but are coloured in a dark purple so i blends in much better with the rest of the jacket.

In terms of practical features, the Berghaus Womens Tryfan Jacket has two external pockets and one internal mesh pocket. The inside of these pockets are all made from a mesh material. The jacket also has a hood with a peaked cap. If you are not using the hood, it can be rolled away into the collar where it is secured using velcro. There is also a toggle in the hood to ensure the hood stays on your head on windy days, as well as toggles at the bottom of the jacket for a better fit. The cuffs of the jacket can also be altered using the Velcro band around the wrist area.

The jacket is comfortable to wear and fairly flexible so it shouldn’t restrict you much when you find yourself unexpectedly clambering over some rather large rocks (as I found myself doing climbing up Kinder Scout last weekend).

Overall, the Berghaus Women’s Tryfan Jacket has a pretty stylish design and does a great job at protecting you against the elements. It is probably a jacket best worn with a baselayer in the spring, summer and autumn. In the winter, it is best worn as part of a three layer system so it is suitable for use all year round.