Berghaus Womens Scafell Jacket

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Product Description

The Berghaus Women’s Scafell Jacket is part of the company’s latest range of waterproof breathable jackets for the autumn /winter 2010/11 season. It is a mid-length jacket and designed for use up in the hills or just for day to day activities.

We’ve been sent the Berghaus Women’s Scafell Jacket in blue. Most of the jacket is in a baby blue colour with several patches of a darker blue while the zips are in an even darker blue. It has quite a contemporary design although the shape of the jacket is pretty standard with other Berghaus jackets.

The Scafell Jacket is quite light in weight though it is not light enough to take away with you if you are going travelling for a few months. However, it is perfect for those warm spring / autumn evenings.

The jacket is made from AQ2 fabric developed by Berghaus. The fabric is water resistant, wind resistant and breathable – the standard performance properties you would expect in a high quality outdoor jacket. As usual, Berghaus haven’t let us down and the jacket does a great job at keeping you protected against the elements. It has even gone up another level. To ensure breathability is maximised, Berghaus have incorporated two large zips under the armpits which, when unzipped, increase airflow to the armpits ’cause no-one likes sweaty armpits!

The Berghaus Womens Scafell Jacket has a total of three external pockets with one located on the left arm, and an internal mesh pocket with a side zip. These should provide more than enough room to carry all your items on a day’s walk. The jacket also has a rollaway peaked hood which can be fastened away into the collar using Velcro strips. There are also Velcro strips around the wrist area to adjust the room around the wrist.

Overall, the jacket appears to be fairly durable. From just the touch of the material, you can instantly tell it is made from a high quality fabric. At a dear £140, it is sure to last the frequent rambler a good while.