Berghaus Women's Explorer Trail Low GTX Shoe


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Product Description

The Berghaus Women’s Explorer Trail Low GTX shoe is a high performance walking and hiking shoe. Its low cut design makes it ideal for summer walks and hikes.

With the Berghaus Women’s Explorer Trail Low GTX shoe in hand, the first thing you notice is how tough it is. Everything about the shoe feels strong and durable, including its sole, the upper material, and even the laces! These are the signs of a long-lasting high quality rugged walking boot.

The outsole incorporates Berghaus’ latest Opti-Stud grip system which matches your movements and pressure contact with the ground in order to provide a high level of grip on rough and uneven terrain. The system uses a combination of large studs and smaller studs linked through support bars. The large studs are designed to absorb the high force of impact. This arrangement allows the studs to push in to the terrain to provide excellent grip and improved traction. Having tested these boots on some nearby hills, the grip is particularly noticeable when going downhill slowly, helping you keep your balance.

The upper part of the shoe is made from a durable suede material along with mesh panelling. The mesh panels provide the shoe with breathability helping your feet to stay cool on longer walks in warmer conditions.

Overall, I found that the shoe is, most importantly, comfortable to wear while its superior grip is surely its most attractive feature. Retailing at around £70, the Berghaus Women’s Explorer Trail Low GTX shoe appears to be a good investment.