Berghaus Women's Explorer Light Walking Boot


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Product Description

The Berghaus Women’s Explorer Light Walking Boots are one of the lightest pairs of Berghaus walking boots on offer. Weighing just 558 g (boxed weight), the boots come handy for backpackers planning on going on treks during their travels. They are also handy during longer walks when weight can become an issue.

No compromise has been made in terms of performance for the boot’s weight. The Berghaus Women’s Explorer Light Walking Boot prevents water and mud from seeping through to the feet and at the same time allows the foot to breathe. The boots are comfortable and fit nice and tight around the feet. They are fairly easy to wear in so there should be no worry about how long a walk you should go on before they start to rub.

The boots are durable and should last a fair while. The upper part of the Berghaus Women’s Explorer Light Walking Boot is made from suede and mesh while the inside of the boot has a PU midsole which provides cushioning. More importantly, the boots are comfortable to wear.