Berghaus Women's Active V Neck Tee


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Product Description

The Berghaus Women’s Active V Neck Tee is part of the company’s Tech T Advanced collection. It can be worn as a baselayer as part of a layering system or on its own on sunnier days.

The fabric from which the T-shirt is made incorporates Argentium, Berghaus’ silver ion technology which provides anti-odour properties and long lasting freshness. Other performance properties of the Berghaus Women’s Active V Neck Tee include moisture wicking capabilities, and if you are going on a longer walk on sunnier days, you will also have peace of mind of being protected against the sun as the T-shirt has a UPF of 50+.

The T-shirt has a standard but nice design and a loose-ish but slim fit (which I actually prefer rather than the really tight fitting garments). More importantly, it is comfortable to wear. Having walked for a good hour, I noticed that the T-shirt is very quick to dry. The fabric is soft, particularly against the skin while its stretch properties provided flexibility to move around easily.