Berghaus Trion 30 Travel Case


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Product Description

The Berghaus Trion 30 Travel Case is a multi-purpose back pack that’s suitable for many functions. At 30 liters with pull out back straps, it’s not going to be suitable for camping, trekking etc but will be great for hand luggage, short trips, or for a student / business person.

The model I had in hand was black all over with a little yellow trim here and there. The pack has three main compartments. The back is great for documents and a laptop (my 13 inch laptop fitted fine, 15 too but 17 may be pushing it). There’s a sleeve in there to secure the laptop in place and a zipped pocket for bits and bobs.

The middle compartment is the widest and can be expanded when zips on the outside are opened. This gives around an extra three inches at the bottom and a couple at the top.

I’m currently writing this review on the train and used the backpack for my trip. In the middle compartment I’ve managed to fit a t-shirt, shorts, underwear, socks, shirt, hoodie, a box (30cm H x 10cm W x 10 cm. L) and 6 cans of beer – on my way to a bbq.

So there’s enough room for a change of clothes, a box and beers for a party!

Finally in the front compartment there’s several sleeves for pens, phones and wallet. There’s a zipped pocket which is great for your wallet / iPod etc.

The back two compartments can be locked with the zips. There’s lycra pockets at the front and side which you can store drinks, mac etc.

To hold it, there are four options – handle at the top, handle on the side, a detachable strap to go over your shoulder and two straps to carry the bag on your back.

The shoulder strap can be taken on and off while the back straps pop out of two holes and clip via buckles at the bottom.

My only negative point about the back pack is the quality of the back straps with a heavy load (i.e. 6 beers, box….). As the name suggests “Berghaus Trion 30 Travel Case” it’s a travel case so back straps won’t be in use that much.

Overall the Berghaus Trion 30 Travel Case is a great travel bag which can be used as a work/uni bag, overnight bag and hand luggage on a plane.