Berghaus Torridon 6 Man Tent


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Product Description

The Berghaus Torridon 6 Man Tent takes it’s name from the mountains in Scotland, this 6 man tent could look like an mountain range, it’s a big tent great for 6 people.

The tent is in a Y shape with two sleeping compartment at the top of the Y and the entrance and living area the middle of the Y. Each slipping compartment sleeps 3, hence the 6 man tent title. There’s two pockets in the sleeping areas and a air vent.

In the main living area there’s plenty of room for a table chair and you gear. There’s are also several pockets to stash your clothes, shoes etch. The ground sheet features a fully taped seem which keeps the draft, bugs and rain out.

The front of the tent is a porch area which is great for placing your boots, gear, cooking equipment. You can also get shelter to take your boots off if it’s raining outside, see the extra pictures below. Weight wise to carry it’s 18.35 and there’s a repair kit in the bag.

Overall a great tent from Berghaus, the Berghaus Torridon 6 Man Tent would be great for a family camping for more than a couple of days or a large group camping at a festival.