Berghaus Octans 40 Rucksack


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Product Description

The Berghaus Octans 40 rucksack is an action packed rucksack designed for Team Orion, twice winners of the adventure racing world championships. It’s different to most backpacks as it’s not got a fixed frame along the back, instead there’s a back pad which gives it a little rigidity. There’s a huge list of features on the bag, I’ll try to cover them all starting from the top down….big breath.

On the top there’s a mesh zipped pocket, inside a single clip, thats ideal for a waterproof jacket to be stored, as mentioned only mesh so don’t place any valuables in there if it’s raining. Under the hood theres another pocket, again mesh with a zip, but under the hood it will be waterproof.

The main compartment is just one space, there’s a pocket that runs along your back  which is ideal for any maps or a hydration bag. Also from the main compartment you can access the back pad which is a mesh foam. If you’re sleeping rough that could be pulled out of the bag and provide a little comfort. Finally in the main compartment there’s a little loop at the top for the hydration pack and a hole for your hydration tube. A cord around the top of the compartment secures everything in place, the hood flips over to keep everything secure from any rain.

On either side there’s compression straps, two straps which can be adjusted to secure ice axes or other items. Finally on the back of the pack are three large mesh pockets, no zips but an elasticated hem to secure any items, ideal for on the go access to a water bottle / jacket / hat etc.

Turning the bag over to the straps it’s full of features, there’s a total of 16 tow loops which you can clip items to, 6 on the straps, 4 on the sides and 6 on the waist strap. The waist strap is elasticated so it’s a snug fit.

Both straps have zipped mesh pockets which are enormous, you can fit a hat, snacks, mobile, clips etc. The chest strap is adjustable as expected and the straps are well padded.  The clip on the chest strap is also a whistle incase you need to get someones attention or go to a rave!

The back features a couple of non-slip sections which stops the backpack from sliding around if you have a jacket on.  There’s a couple of grab handles on the back and one on the front.

And last but no least there’s a chest pocket which clips onto the tow loops, the pocket is made out of mesh with a zip you can store away your phone, keys etc, or ideal for a map.

This is not your average backpack, it’s really really light, when the package arrived I thought Berghaus had sent a jacket, not a 40 litre backpack.  Placing on the scales it’s 0.7 kg, and considering that the Berghaus Men’s Freeflow Pro 40 Rucsack weighs in at 1.8 Kg you understand why it’s been designed for racing teams.

When you place the backpack on your back you’ll notice that it sits above your hips high on your back allowing room for another pack or a climbing harness.

The Berghaus Octans 40 rucksack won’t be for everyone but if you’re an adventure racer, fell runner or climber it’s ideal! I can’t think of many rucksacks which deliver so much space while still staying so light.