Berghaus Mount Asgard Smock


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Product Description

The Berghaus mens Mount Asgard Smock has been designed by climber Leo Houlding and takes it name from the Canadian mountain Holding scaled in the movie called The Asgard Project. It’s aimed at climbers but can be used as a general waterproof jacket.

The standout feature from this jacket is how lightweight it is, we weighed it in at 208 grammes, which is unbelievably light  for a waterproof jacket with a hood .

The jacket features Gore-Tex Pro Shell technology which is a lightweight and breathable fabric ideal for packing away. A waterproof zip goes halfway down the front of the jack, alongside the zip is the only pocket in the jacket. Opened from the outside the zip is again waterproof and is big enough to fit keys, wallet, phone etc.

Four cords at the top, two either side help to secure and tighten the hood. The grey cord goes around the hood while the red cord pulls the hood down. The idea is four cords allow you to adjust the hood around your neck and head. On the peak of the hood there’s a wire peak, you can adjust the peak one handed and it will stay in the form you desire which is great if you need to look up, which you often do when climbing!

As it’s designed for climbers the hood is huge which allows you to pull the hood over your helmet, however, without a helmet its a litte problematic as the front of the hood covers your face. With a quick adjustment of the cords you can tighten it around your face and it’s not too much of a problem.

Velcro straps on either cuff help to secure the cuffs around your wrists, either above or under gloves. Down at the bottom of the jacket there’s a twisted loop to clip the jacket to an harness and a cord to tighten the botom of the jacket around your back, again this can be done one-handed.

The fit is great, especially the way the sleeves don’t ride up your arms when you reach up or over your back. This is achieved due to the diamond under arm gussets, these are highlighted in red compared to blue which makes up the majority of the jacket..

The smock also comes with a stuff sack made out of the same material, one cord secures the top of the bag and there’s a couple of cords so you can clip to your belt, harness or back pack.

Overall the Berghaus Mount Asgard Smock is a climbers dream, lightweight, waterproof and non intrusive when climbing. It could also be great for backpacking or travelling if you just need a lightweight waterproof jacket which is really small to store. However at £220 RRP not many backpackers are going to be purchasing, but it’s ideal for climbers.