Berghaus Men's Freeflow Pro 40 Rucsac


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Product Description

The Berghaus men’s Freeflow Pro 40 Rucsac is a new rucksack from Berghaus that incorporates the freeflow technology. Rather than the bag lying flat on your back, there is a mesh panel and then a gap of an inch to the main bag. This allows air to flow in-between your back and the bag, thus avoiding a sweaty and warm back. The bag maintains rigidity from a metal frame at the back of the bag.

The bag we had to review was bright yellow with a grey trim. From top down there’s a hood with two zipped pockets, one contains a waterproof cover (silver/grey) to go over the bag – you wouldn’t be able to fit anything else in there. The second has room for a jacket etc. There’s no straps on the top for a roll mat but there are four loops which could have a cord looped to tie a roll mat in place. Two velcro straps with reflective grey strips can hold your walking sticks / ice picks.

There’s a lycra pocket on the back, two straps either side to hold a stool / sticks and buckles at the bottom good for your sleeping bag or roll mat.

The Berghaus Men’s Freeflow Pro 40 comes into life on the back. The straps have a mesh cover which reveals the foam padding of the straps. The foam has small holes, another method of reducing sweat and allowing air to flow to your skin. As expected the straps can be adjusted at the top and bottom, with a chest and waist straps.

The waist strap also neatly contains two small pockets either side, great for storing money / keys / pen knife etc. The lower back padding again is foam with smaller holes for ventilation.

The mesh panel behind your back is strung tightly, on our version there’s then a red design based on the free flow technology (looked like a design for a transformer to me!).

Overall the Berghaus Men’s Freeflow Pro 40 Rucsac is a great looking bag which will keep you sweat free. At 40 litres it’s not the biggest but great for a weekend camping trip / festival etc. Our yellow version certainly looked great and even with it filled up it was really comfortable.