Berghaus Mens Cuillin Shell Jacket

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Product Description

New this Autumn / Winter is the Berghaus Mens Cuillin Shell Jacket. A waterproof jacket, it’s great for walking, general wear and festivals, basically any time when it’s raining. We had the red / dark red jacket to test out. The material features Berghaus’ own waterproof breathable AQ 2 fabric which offers protection from the elements.

The Cuillin is a full length jacket (going down level / past your trouser pockets). It features the latest water resistant zippers along the main front zip, four front pockets and the arm pit zips. There are two external breast pockets with another internal pocket in the left hand side. Further down there are pockets either side at arms length, so five pockets in total which is plenty for most people.

As mentioned there’s two large arm pit pockets which can be opened to allow extra air flow when you’re walking along. At 30 cm long they’re pretty long which is great to avoid sweaty armpits. Velcro at the end of the sleeves allow you to secure the holes tight to your wrists to stop any water or wind getting in.

At the bottom of the jacket there are toggles at either side to secure the bottom of the jacket a little tighter around your waist.

The main zip fastens pretty high, past the chin to protect your neck. The hood can then be tightened into place with toggles at the side and back. The hood also features a stiffened peak at the front, basically a small baseball cap which can keep the hood from flapping down into your face.

There’s a starting RRP at £150 for the Berghaus Mens Cuillin Shell Jacket with it going on sale in shops and online in September.

As mentioned, it’s ideal for walkers, if you have to walk to work, working outdoors etc. Because of this and it’s durability it’s a great investment to make.