Berghaus Jalan Luxe 70 + 20 Litre Rucksack

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Product Description

The Berghaus Jalan Luxe 70 + 20 Litre Rucksack is a among the largest travel bags on the market. Split into to bags it’s ideal for a back packer or some travelling the world.

The main pack is 70 litres, features a Biofit height adjustable back straps system. All that is hidden by a cover which zips over the straps. It’s stored in a pocket at the bottom, the cover is great for when the bag is in transit so straps don’t get ripped or buckles strapped.

There’s handles on the top and the side for picking up, great when you can’t have it on your back.

A front zipped opens the main section similar to a suitcase, which allows you to easily get to your gear. There’s a large front storage pocket, stretch-mesh pockets on the hip belt and side panels and several internal pockets all that keep your goods in place. Dual compression straps keep it all your goods in place and a cover shield keeps it all dry.

The smaller 20 litre day pack is secured to the main pack via a zip. The smaller pack features a organiser, chest-strap, hipbelt, H2O / MP3 outlet multiple pockets, it’s great for use in the day.

Overall the Berghaus Jalan Luxe 70 + 20 is a great pack, ideal for longer trips around the world and with the day pack it’s great for everyday use.