Berghaus Freeflow Pro 30 Rucksack


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Product Description

The Berghaus Freeflow Pro 30 rucksack is available in both a male and female version. We were lucky enough to get hold of the women’s jet black version to review.

In the first instance, I noticed that it was slightly heavier than an average 30 litre bag but this is mainly due to the rucksack’s T6 aluminium frame. Having said that, the bag actually feels lighter than the previous Freeflow series.

The Berghaus Freeflow Pro 30 rucksack has a 30 litre capacity but it appears deceptively bigger than it is. This is because of the Freeflow Pro airflow system which creates a bit of space between your back and the bag. Because of this, the bag does not expand as far back as other bags. With just one main compartment, the Berghaus Freeflow Pro 30 rucksack would make a perfect daysack but may be a little too small to use as a weekend bag.

The Freeflow Pro airflow system has been designed so that it allows air to circulate between your back and bag. This is a great feature as it helps to keep your back stay cool and less sweaty whilst hiking or walking. The bag also incorporates the EVABreathe Matrix Foam technology which lets air flow and vapour move through the rucsack back materials more effectively. After walking up a big hill, this breathability feature was very much noticed and I felt much cooler when I reached the top. A big thumbs up for the Freeflow Pro system!

The Berghaus Freeflow Pro 30 rucksack sits perfectly and comfortably on the top of my hips. The straps can be adjusted for a more snug fit, particularly around the hip and chest area. I found the bag to be extremely comfortable to wear, thanks in part to the particularly well padded straps.

Overall, i think that the Berghaus Freeflow Pro 30 rucksack would make a very good daysack. It has attachments for walking poles and is more than capable of fitting all your essentials in for a short expedition. One thing I would say is that it could do with a water bottle holder at the side of the bag for easy access, but that’s just my preference.