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Bank Holiday Camping?

So it’s the last Bank Holiday of the year in the UK and it’s a mixed weather report for those who are planning on camping. At the moment the weather on Friday and Saturday isn’t great, however Sunday and Monday could be a little brighter.

So those planning on the quick getaway may want to delay a little as the weather won’t be great on the Friday and stay a little longer on the Monday evening.

Remember any bank holiday in the UK will see campsite increase prices a little and get booked up. Book before hand if possible even it’s just ringing ahead and have one or two alternative locations just incase.

What ever happens have a good one and enjoy the last bank holiday of the year!

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Never too old to get into the outdoor spirit

“I’m too old for the outdoors” – Now that’s an excuse that we can never use again, and especially after hearing about a certain 82 year-old yank who has become the oldest person to climb all of New York’s highest mountains.

On saturday, Jerry Levine, an 82 year old from Cortlandt Manor in Westchester County, US, summited Esther (4,239-feet) then Whiteface, the Olympic mountain (4,867-feet) which means that he’s summited all 46 peaks in New York – joining the ranks of the Adirondack 46ers. To become a “46er,” a person must climb all of the 46 major Adirondack Mountain peaks. All but three are higher than 4,000 feet.

So if ever you think that you’re too old for a hike in the outdoors, think of Levine and maybe you’ll think twice about complaining about being too unfit to hike! I know I will!

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Camping Pod Death – Tragic Accident

We’re big fans of camping pods after spending a weekend at Grizedale Camping ground, however a coroner ruled that a “tragic accident” happened back in March when a man died in a pod.

Christopher Bainbridge, 45, from Darlington was staying at The Quiet Site Caravan Park in Ullswater, Cumbria. He died when a barbecue filled the pod up with carbon monoxide causing Mr Bainbridge to be poisoned.

Three days later his wife Jane Bainbridge, 42, was found in the pod by staff at the campsite suffering the effects of the poisoning. His death was recording a verdict of accidental death.

Julia at the camping pod we stayed at

If your going to staying in a camping pod don’t be temped to star a fire in the pod, ensure any fires or use of camping stoves are outside the pod.

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We’re back!

After more than a year on the road backpacking around the world we’re back and ready to start-up the site again. It’s been an amazing year visiting 14 countries over in 3 continents. 100’s of hours on buses, boats, planes etc.

Julia and I climbing the volcano in Pucon, Chile

We’ve now got some extra experience in outdoor clothing / travel clothing and gear. So stay tuned for more blogs and reviews!