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Some highlights of the Berghaus autumn/winter 2011 collection

We love Berghaus gear at Outdoor Enthusiasts and we’re very much looking forward to their new products this year. So we thought that we’d share some highlights of their new products for the autumn/winter 2011 collection.

Berghaus will use the new Gore-Tex Active Shell fabric in new Extrem jackets and trousers, including the Velum jacket and Velum smock. The fabric, which was developed under a partnership with W L Gore and Berghaus, is said to be “the most breathable Gore-Tex fabric ever”, and uses a lighter, thinner membrane and laminate technology. Clothing made from this fabric are ideal for fast paced adventurers.

At the heart of the new Trail collection for autumn/winter 2011 is a range of men’s and women’s jackets and trousers made from two-layer Gore-Tex Performance Shell fabrics. The new lines are said to offer a combination of classic and contemporary styles.

Trail Sports
Again, there will be the introduction of new jackets made using the new Gore-Tex Active Shell fabric. Berghaus has used the fabric in the minimalist men’s and women’s Rapide jackets which are waterproof and light—a men’s size large weighs in at just 219g.

Everyday Outdoors
Products in this category are designed for pretty much everyone. You don’t have to be in the mountains to be wearing high performance outdoor clothing! For men, Berghaus will be offering the new Brecon Jacket which delivers waterproof, breathable technology through the two-layer Gore-Tex Performance Shell fabric.  The Brecon can be worn in the hills or on the high street. For women, there is the Aumont cold weather jacket made from a mixture of the company’s own water and wind resistant AF fabric and duck down fill.

For autumn/winter 2011, the company is offering the Foot Furnace Mids mountain boots for men and women, Prognosis boots for children, and the Faraja Leather boots and Sannine boots for women. We would expect all the boots to be manufactured to Berghaus’s highest standards.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures to show you.

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Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) to launch an online outdoor guide

Next month the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) will launch The Active Guide (TAG), an online interactive guide to the best outdoor locations and activities around the UK.

Developed over six months, TAG’s aim is to encourage greater participation in the outdoors while promoting UK outdoor businesses.

The guide will be accessible via and will be a complete guide for those who want to participate in outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, climbing, camping, caravanning and a variety of water sports. The site will have an innovative map based interface, where visitors can use to quickly locate service providers, activity centres, clubs and retail outlets. It will also direct visitors to user generated content including people’s favourite locations, routes, videos, photos, and other useful information.

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Valentine’s Day outdoor gifts

Its less than a week until Valentine’s Day! For those who have partners that love the outdoors, here are a few ideas on how to spoil them.

Walking guide books – One of the most popular walking book is 100 Greatest Walks in Britain (Country Walking). Currently, this is being sold for £8.78 on Amazon. These guide books make a great Valentine’s gift and it may even spur them to organise a nice romantic weekend away with you to go on some of the suggested walks.

Berghaus stainless steel flask – A thermal flask is useful on outdoor adventures, especially on colder days. A nice cup of tea up in the hills is always appreciated!

Portable camping stove – Camping stoves are great fun and add to the outdoor adventure. You can get some decent camping stoves with not just gas stoves but also grills. Check out the Yellowstone 3 Burner Gas Cooker With Grill which can be purchased from Amazon for just £27.50.