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Berghaus Adventure Series tour

Berghaus has announced details of a tour of live shows for the autumn. The Berghaus Adventure Series will run from late October until early December and will see Mick Fowler and Leo Houlding entertain audiences at venues across England and Scotland.

The tour will kick off at the Tobacco Factory Theatre in Bristol, where Leo will talk about his recent adventures, including last year’s epic Asgard Project and his more recent escapades in Yosemite. In recent years Leo’s live appearances have proved to be very popular – he combines irreverence and entertainment with stunning photography and footage, and an insight into his ceaseless adventures around the world.

Mick’s first show will be at the Dancehouse Theatre in Manchester. He will have just returned from his latest expedition, which is taking him to the north side of the Xuelian massif in the Chinese Tien Shan range. Tien Shan has been off limits for many years but Mick managed to secure permits from the Chinese authorities for a four week visit during August and September. His is only the third mountaineering expedition ever to visit the area. Mick specialises in the exploration of remote, extremely challenging climbing areas and will talk about a long and varied career that has seen him labelled “the mountaineers’ mountaineer” by the Observer newspaper.

Leo Houlding comments: “I am really looking forward to being part of the first Berghaus Adventure Series. It is a real privilege to have the opportunity to share stories about my climbing career so far, and hopefully enthuse people about the outdoors and adventure. Over the years, I have been inspired by the words and images of many other climbers and I hope that I can both entertain and encourage others to explore and enjoy the world around them.”

The Berghaus Adventure Series kicks off on October 24th and runs through to December 2nd with a joint Leo and Mick lecture at the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) in London on November 27th. For further information and tickets, visit

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Millets offers buy now, collect at Bestival service

Bestival 2008 at Robin Hill Country Park
Image via Wikipedia

Repeating the popular service they offered at Glastonbury, Millets are offering Bestival goers the opportunity to buy camping goods such as tents and sleeping bags online via their website and collect their purchases at Bestival, saving festival goers the pain of carrying some of the heaviest gear for the weekend.

The Millets collection point will be located at East Cowes or West Cowes (you can choose which location to pick it up from when you place your order). Purchases can be collected between 7am and 12 noon from Wednesday 8th September until noon Friday 10th September, and you will need to show your despatch note and some ID before the goods are handed over to you.

Last orders will be at midnight on Thursday 2nd September.

Just click to via the links below to Blacks and Millets.

Blacks: bRWqCh

Millets: CkwWvQ

This should give you a 20% discount on your total basket price.

Here are some products that we recommend:

The voucher is valid from August 11, 2010 until September 30, 2010.

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A little bit more about The North Face

The North Face
Image via Wikipedia

One of the most popular outdoors brands throughout the world is The North Face. The brand was born in 1996 in San Francisco by Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth “Hap” Klopp. The name came from the fact that the The North Face of mountains in the northern hemisphere are generally harder to climb.

Over the past 40 years the company has grown in size, product ranges and share of the market. It’s sister company JanSport combined with the The North Face cover nearly half the sales of small backpacks sold in the US.

Their range of products is huge from jackets, trousers, t-shirts, hats, walking boots, trail boots, baselayers, back packs, daysacks, tents sleeping bags the lists goes on and on. The North Face also have sponsorship deals with several athletes including Karina Hollekim, Simone Moro, Hervé Barmasse, Eneko & Iker Pou to name a few and sponsor events such a the The North Face Ski Challenge Speaker Series, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (starts August ther 27th) and Summit Series Road Trip.

So if your looking to buy any outdoors gear in the next few weeks ensure you look out for The North Face, your guaranteed to get a quality product.

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Buying Second Hand Tents

If your strapped for cash but want to go camping an option to save a few quid maybe to get a second hand tent. There’s a few risks but you can come out with some great deals. Here’s a few tips and places to start looking

Condition – The most important point to take into consideration is condition, if you buy a second hand tent that’s not been looked after your not going to be best pleased. Before you buy ask the seller how many times it’s been used, any missing bits, tears, burn marks, washed after usage or broken parts.

If there are problem look at replacements or patches and ask for a further discount. It can be hard to detect any problems unless you get the tent up and get inside.

Usage – crazy as it may seem there are plenty of people that buys tents and never use them . So you may be able to pick up a mint condition tent for a discount.

Postage – Buying from a individual means they don’t have cheap postage like a business. For the average tent your looking at paying £10 plus on top for postage. Rather than paying for postage look for a seller in your area, sites like gumtree and eBay give details of where the seller is located, you can then pick up the tent.

Pictures – If possible you should get pictures of the actual tent beig sold. You can check the quality and also ensure that it matches up to the product name.

Compare – Check what the currrent price for buying new it. Many tens can vastly reduce in value after a year once a new ranges is released. For example the Eurohike Buckingham 8 Man Tent has been reduced from £399 to £118. This is often seen at stores like Blacks or Millets as the new product ranges are introduced.


Here are some sites to look over to find second hand tents

UK Campsite

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When to use Walking Shoes?

Image by ruminatrix via Flickr

When your playing a trip or just a day out walking you need to decide on what type of footwear to take. One point that can slightly confuse people is walking shoes and walking boots. The two are different in shape, style and in purpose.

A simple difference in the shape, walking shoes stop below the ankle, while walking boots carry on above the ankle giving extra support. The laces will also carry on above the ankle and often be wrapped around the back of the ankle then tied at the front. Shoes are often made from lighter material while the boots are made from leather and can feature steel toe caps.

Walking shoes are lighter so can’t help you walk a little quicker, while the boots are heavier so over a long distance can slow you slightly down.

As for purpose I personally go for a walking shoe when the terrain is going to be pretty flat, not too rocky and stable underfoot. Where boots are great if there’s going to be lose ground, rocks, mud and it’s wet! Often this means it’s better value to buy walking shoes, as you can then use them for everyday use such as the walk to work, taking the dog out, going to the shops or working in the garden, all tasks that a walking boot would be overkill.

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Outdoor Trade Show

The annual Outdoor Trade Show is coming round again. Now in its fifth year, it will be held next month during September 27-29, 2010, at the Stoneleigh Park Exhibition Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

It is described as a “show by the trade for the trade”. With the likes of Coleman, GoLite, Gelert and Hi-Tec, among other big brands, occupying a booth at the show, it is sure to offer a wide range of products.

The opening times are:

Monday 27th September 2010: 9am to 6pm
Tuesday 28th September 2010: 9am to 6pm
Wednesday 29th September 2010: 9am to 4pm

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Clumber Park trials Mongolian yurts

Yurt, Centre of the Tsogttsetsii sum (district...
Image via Wikipedia

Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire is offering visitors the option of staying in a Mongolian yurt for a more luxurious stay.

A yurt is a portable, wood-framed dwelling which has been traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia. The yurts offered by Clumber Park come complete with a double bed and cooking stove, and are aimed at “glampers”. They are 22 ft round and sleep up to 8 people. Also, they have a skylight at the top so you can watch the stars as you fall asleep.

The park is trialling the Mongolian yurts until September 2, 2010, and costs a hefty £100 a night.

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MusucBag: sleeping bag with arms and legs

The MusucBag is the new line of sleeping bags by Rodrigo Alonso, the designer of the Selk Bag which was featured on The Apprentice last year. Similar to the Selk Bag, the MusucBag has incorporated arms and legs to allow for extra mobility, making it a much more practical option compared with standard sleeping bags.

According to the company, MusucBag “has been reborn and improved in all areas including high quality materials and practical features”.

There are zips around the hand area so that your hands can come out of the sleeping allowing you to hold things while zips on the leg area provide ventilation to cool you down. There is also durable canvas on the feet so you walk around comfortably.

There is also a line for children, called MusucBag Kids. These sleeping bags have all the above features with the addition of a pocket for an MP3 player.

With a funky design, the MusucBag sleeping bags are bound to be a hit for festival goers.

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Exclusive 20% discount voucher for Blacks and Millets

We’ve got an exclusive 20% off Blacks and Millets voucher to share with all our fellow outdoor enthusiasts. To qualify for the discount all you have to do is go to the Outdoor Enthusiasts website and go to a product review where there is a Millets or Blacks link at the bottom of the review. Click the link. You will then be taken directly to either the Millets or Blacks website. Conduct your shopping as you would, and once at the check out type the following codes in the promotional code box.  Or just click to via the links below to Blacks and Millets.

Blacks: bRWqCh

Millets: CkwWvQ

This should give you a 20% discount on your total basket price.

Here are some products that we recommend:

Berghaus Torridon 6 Man Tent

Eurohike Buckingham 8 Man Tent

The North Face Rock 22 Tent

The voucher is valid from August 11, 2010 until September 30, 2010.

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The Asgard Project set to broadcast in September

Mount Asgard
Image by macz_out via Flickr

The Asgard Project, a film following the Berghaus sponsored climber Leo Houlding on his journey to reach the 2000 metre high Mount Asgard, will be broadcast for the first time on Discovery’s new freeview channel ‘Quest’ later this year on September 26. It has been filmed in high definition by award winning film maker Alastair Lee.

Mount Asgard is located in a remote glacial region of Baffin Island in Arctic Canada., and is regarded as one of the most difficult big walls in the world. In the film, Leo attempts to complete the first free ascent and flying descent of Mount Asgard in a 12 day challenge.

The film was first shown at Kendal Mountain Film Festival in November 2009 and is now available on DVD.

More information on The Asgard Project and full details of the expedition can be found at