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Nikwax Waterproof Contain no Fluorochemicals after Tests

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Image by wstryder via Flickr

After tests the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation  have been able to confirm that Nikwax waterproofing contains no fluorochemicals.

Fluorinated chemicals are often used to aid waterproofing but have been found to stay in human tissue. The chemical could be ‘soaked’ up by human skin and then not excreted from the body, the chemical can cause harmful effects on hormone and fertility functions. The toxins are also not great for the environments polluting air and water.

Nikwax’s Managing Director Nick Brown  said

‘At Nikwax our commitment is to the wellbeing of our consumers and our employees, which is why we never have and never will use fluorinated chemicals in any of our products’.

Applied to clothing Nikwax helps seal a the material making it waterproof which extents the garments use.