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Coleman Roadtrip Table Top Grill

Something very foreign to us in the uk is having a barbeque by your car in a car park. If you live in America it’s a favorite weekend past time. Know as tailgate parties hundreds turn up at sporting events, park up and start cooking. Coleman have released a new piece of kit that good old George Forman would be looking to use the Coleman Roadtrip Table Top Grill.


You don’t need to use it at the car you could use it on a camping trip as it’s powered by a propane gas cylinder. That powers a hob that heats the grill which has a massive 1580 square cm cooking area. That’s a lot of room for a lot of meat! A Insta Start electronic ignition gets the grill going and it heats up really quick.

It features a temperature gauge and the all important grease catcher. The recommended retail price is $219.99