Pop Up Tents

Pop Up Tents are lightweight, collapsible, and most importantly, quick and easy to set up. Pop up tents are a recent innovation and have been designed so that once the pop up tent is unpacked, it springs open, and all you have to do is peg it down.

Buying tips for Pop Up Tents
1. Pop-up tents tend not to be designed with extra storage space, such as a porch. So if you are camping in a group, you may want to consider buying a larger pop-up tent. So, if there are two in your group, consider purchasing a three or four berth pop-up tent depending on how much equipment you have.

2. Pop-up tents come in a variety of funky designs. If you are planning on taking a pop-up tent to a festival, try buying a tent with a distinctive design so it is easy to spot.

3. Check that the material of the pop-up tent is waterproof and not just water resistant as waterproof tents are much better at keeping the rain out than water resistant tents.

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