Family tents

If there is 4 or more in your party then a family tent could be the most obvious accommodation solution. Family tents usually offer at least 2 sleeping compartments as well as a little area to keep all your camping gear, food, etc, dry.

Buying tips for Family tents
1. Weight – the bigger your tent the hevier it’s going to be to carry. If your driving and pitching next to your car no problems. If you are going by train or having to walk from you car to pitching place then consider weight. Check by filling a bag with cans to simulate the weight of the tent.

2. Stand or not to stand – If your going to be staying for a while you might want to go for a tent with standing room which will save your back not having to bend over all the time. Check the height of the tent in the kitchen area where you’ll spend most of your time.

3. Sleeping compartments, if your looking for a family tents then you’ll want to have multiple sleeping compartments, one of the adults and one for the kids.

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