Sleeping Bags

After a long day walking or climbing you need to have somewhere comfortable to sleep. We’ve review different types of sleeping bags from all seasons to ones that will keep you warm in minus 40 conditions. As well as sleeping bags it’s important to have a blow up mattress or a new self inflating mattress. Check out the sections below to find the right product for you.

Buying tips for Sleeping
Here are some tips on buying sleeping bags.

1. Think about your location first, where will you be sleeping and what’s the temperatures going to be? Check on the internet for temperatures at different times of year for you camping location. Ensure the sleeping bag you choose covers those temperatures, a bag’s technical specification will say the minimum temperatures the bag is suitable for.

2. Size of the bag is important. You need to check the size when compressed. Sleeping bags that come with compression straps on the stuff sack will be smaller and be able to fix to the outside of your backpack. Without a stuff sack a sleeping bag will take up most the space in your backpack

3. If your going to be using a sleeping bag already round then try to get a sleeping bag that will cover multiple seasons. Remember having a warm sleeping bag in summer is not a massive problem as you place bag over you or leave it un zipped so you don’t get too hot.