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Glamping: enjoying the outdoors in style

While “old fashioned” camping trips still remain popular, a new camping trend known as “glamping” is emerging all over the world.

For those who associate camping with leaking tents, bugs and insects, unpredictable adverse weather, and wild animals, among others, glamping, aka glamorous camping, can be the ideal solution.

So what’s the difference between the average camping holiday and a glamping trip? Well, in terms of the type of outdoor excursions and activities – not much really. Most glampers still take part in walking and hiking, and the usual outdoor activities. If you’re lucky enough, comfortable transportation may be provided from the campsite to the excursion destination.

The main difference between the two trips is the type of accommodation they opt to stay in and the amenities available at the campsite. Instead of staying in a standard tent, glampers spend their nights in a luxurious and fancy tent which is hooked up to electrical power. This means that you are able to use items such as hair straighteners and hair dryers while camping – a luxury for any girl out there!

A full-sized mattress or even a regular spring mattress may be provided which means that they will not have an uncomfortable night sleep – we all know what its like when you realise that you have pitched up on rocky ground and, when laid down, the largest rock happens to dig straight into the middle of your back! Unfortunate!

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