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Top 10 camping meals

Camp BBQ
Image by Claire and Ed Sutton via Flickr

It is important to plan your meals before you head off on your camping trip. Although you won’t have access to  luxuries such as an oven or a range cooker, you can still make some decent, not to mention, delicious meals.

Here’s our top ten camping meals:

1. BBQ – always a winner. Having a BBQ has become highly associated with camping and, for some reason, the food always taste better in the great outdoors than in your back garden. Sausages and burgers can be cooked relatively quickly, and if you do them on a disposable bbq (which can be picked up for about £3-5), you won’t even have to wash up – bonus!

2. Pasta and sauce – A simple and easy meal. To spice it up a little, you can add various other ingredients such as frankfurters (another good camping food item) and carrots and mushrooms.

3. Bacon sarnies – A hot bacon sarnie with a bit of red sauce (or brown if you prefer) in the morning after a night’s sleep in the great outdoors is probably one of the best things you could wake up to! That, and a steaming mug of tea – divine!

4. Soup – a hearty meal for when the sun starts to go down and when the evening becomes chillier. Its sure to keep your cockles warm! If you’re planning on cooking tinned soup make sure you bring ring pull tins, otherwise don’t forget to bring your can opener.

5. Beans on toast – one of the simplest meals you can make and a popular meal for campers. As with the soup, bring tins with ring pulls, or bring your can opener.

6. Super noodles – another quick and easy meal. This is a popular meal for those attending festivals and newbies (particularly those participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award).

7.  Spag bog – a great meal not just for the outdoors. Use ready made sauce for the bolognaise to make it easier. If you’re camping near a farm, why not see if they have any local cheese for sale to sprinkle on top!

8. Chilli nachos -Always fun to eat. The chilli can be made in one pot. Tesco’s do their own tinned kidney beans in a chilli sauce. Add that to the mince and you’ve pretty much got your sauce. Then add some beef stock and tomato puree, and extra chilli flakes if you want a more fiery taste! If you want to save on washing up, then you can all just eat from the pot. Just get your nachos and start dipping!!!

9.  Beef and vegetable stew – Another hearty meal for the colder seasons. Fry the beef in a pot then add a can of vegetable soup and bring to the boil! Simple! And don’t forget to eat it with a nice piece of chunky fresh bread!

10. Spicy chicken and salad in pitta – A nice summer evening’s meal. Fry the chicken in a pan and add some paprika and chilli powder. Line the pitta with ready made salad and then place the chicken pieces inside the pitta. Sorted!

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