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Bear Grylls Enters The Survival Equipment Market

Gerber has launched a new range of multi-tools and survival equipment developed by Bear Grylls. The range, called the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series includes various survival kits, knives and fire starters – bascially everything you need to survive if for some reason you are stranded in the Amazon fighting against wild beasts for your life! (maybe a slight exageration there)

Bear worked closely with Gerber to develop the products. Our top pick is the Ultimate Knife which also has an emergency whistle integrated into the lanyard cord.

This isn’t the first time that Bear has developed his own products. He already has an established range in the outdoor clothing market.

And for all those Bear Grylls fans, you can also download the Bear Grylls Bear Essentials app. The description states that it is “the ultimate, hands-on survival tool from the ultimate survivor. Intimately presented by the man himself, this info in this app is tested and proven in the wild and may well help save your life in an emergency. A complete blend of survival hands-on advice, interactive instruction manual, wilderness quiz, mini-games and adventure photo gallery, all rolled into one.”

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