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Importance of the right outdoor clothing

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It is extremely important to have the right clothing to take part in outdoor pursuits of any kind from walking to climbing, canoeing to potholing or skiing. Clothing should be regarded as an essential piece of equipment when preparing for an outdoor pursuit and should be purchased and maintained as an essential piece of equipment.

Clothing for outdoor activities does not have to be heavy or bulky, in fact modern textile technologies and production techniques ensure that outdoor clothing is light and compact but still meets all the requirements. It is best to dress in layers for outdoor activities, thin layers such as under-armour or thermal underwear, layers retain heat and help to remove moisture from the body. Perhaps also a fleece layer for warmth and comfort and then a waterproof and windproof outer layer, again this keeps the water out, and the heat in. Investment should be made in good quality footwear and there are numerous types of socks that can be bought for particular activities, hats are also important when outdoors to ensure heat is retained, safety headgear is also essential for some activities.

Specific activities such as skiing will require particular items of clothing such as boots, ski suit hat etc, but activities such as walking, trekking and climbing have equipment and clothing that is multifunctional and can be shared. Initial outlay on clothing for outdoor pursuits may be quite high but the clothing will be good quality and should last a long time. The right clothing could save a life if something unexpected happens when outdoors, hypothermia could set in very quickly if someone is injured when walking or climbing, also good footwear will ensure better grip and tread when walking, trekking or climbing. Weather conditions can change very quickly so it is essential to have the right clothing available.

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