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New Year Resolutions for the Outdoors?

Light on the Derwent fells

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With the New Year started you may have started failing New Year resolutions, but how about some New Year resolutions for the Outdoors? It’s a great chance to use some kit you may have been given over the festive period or use some vouchers / money to get some new gear.

So here are 5 easy outdoor New Year resolutions.

  1. Go out for a walk to the shops / to work or just on an evening once a week.
  2. Once a month a walk in the country side.
  3. Try at least 5 new walking locations in the next year.
  4. Climb one of the three highest peaks in the UK.
  5. Get another person who wants to exercise more into the outdoors, be their guide.

Nothing too taxing and all could contribute to the most popular New Year Resolution to get fit!

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