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Last minute Christmas gifts

Camping in Amsterdam

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If your still looking for last minute Christmas gifts then how about some camping or outdoor gifts. Here’s some ideas for under £15 that you can get in time for the big day.

1) Torch – For 9.99 you can pick up a 9 LED torch which is great for all sort of accessories. Click here

2) Small day bag – Great for documents, laptop or going to the shop. best of all only 14.99. Click here

3) Berghaus Wash Bag – For 19.99 the Berghaus wash bag is great for campers or anyone travelling around. It folds out with a mirror, pockets and also a hook. Click Here

4) Gerlert Hot pad warmers – Click and they get hot and warm up your hands. Great if you get the bus or walk to work. Click here.

5) Berghaus Food Flask – Only 9.99 for a food flask that keeps hot foot hot and cold food cold. Great for camping and taking food to work. Click here.

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