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Benefits of Travel Bags

If your planning a long trip you might want to think about taking a travel bag rather than a standard ruck sack. Travel bags have several features that ease travelling and help you on your way.

  • Attached day back
    You don’t want to be using the big bag during the day, so a day pack is great for day trips. It attaches to the back of the main pack so when your travelling you don’t have to carry a day pack on your front.
  • Travel zips
    Travel zips feature feature lockable loops and are heavy duty. This allows your to lock up when your backs in transit.
  • Compression straps
    Around the side of the back compression straps reduce the size of the bag and keep your belongings fixed.
  • Hidden pockets
    For tickets, passports etc can all be hidden.
  • Wheels
    Not great all the time put in a airport it’s great to be able to wheel about.
  • Base compartments
    For boots, dirty washing you can keep then in a separate department.
  • Adjustable back straps
    You can carry the back on your back, straps adjust for a better fit.
  • Back straps cover
    When not using the straps you can cover them up with a fabric flap that zips up. This stops the straps being ripped or caught when in transit.
  • Full opening main pocket
    You can open the main pocked fully so you don’t have to get everything out to get items from the bottom of the bag.
  • Top and side handles
    Pick it up either way

So plenty of reasons for using a travel pack. We’ll be adding reviews of travel bags over the next few weeks.

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