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Outdoor Enthusiasts’ ideal three-layer clothing system

With predictions of another winter freeze this year, pretty much everyone will be looking to dress up warm as the days get shorter and the temperature gets lower.

Whether you are planning on participating in an outdoor activity or whether you are just out and about in town, it would be sensible to dress appropriately. One such way is to adopt the three-layer clothing system which consists of a baselayer, a middle layer and an outer layer.

Here’s Outdoor Enthusiasts’ ideal three-layer system:

The baselayer is a next-to-skin garment and therefore should be soft against the skin. Seamless garments tend to make good baselayers as there is usually less chafing. In terms of performance properties, baselayers with moisture wicking properties are usually a good option as they have the ability to wick perspiration away from the skin helping you to stay dry and comfortable. Examples of good baselayers include the Under Armour Cold Gear Plain Top, the Helly Hansen Lifa Long Sleeve Stripe Crew Top and the Berghaus Active V Neck Tee.

Middle Layer:
The key function of the middle layer is insulation. This layer tends to come in the form of fleeces or a light shell jacket and should be a loose fit. As a general rule, the thicker the middle layer, the more heat it will retain. For men, Outdoor Enthusiasts recommends the Lowe Alpine Ecrin Top and for women, we recommend the Berghaus Polarplus IV la fleece jacket.

Outer layer:
The outer layer should be a durable layer which provides protection against the elements. Waterproof and windproof jackets make ideal outer layers as they provide protection against all weathers. These days, most outdoor jackets are also breathable which means that they will help you to stay cool if you get too hot during hikes and walks. Examples of good outer layers include the Berghaus Scafell Jacket and the The North Face Resolve Jacket.

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