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How Do Self Inflating Mattresses Work?

Self inflating mat
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So, how do self inflating mattresses work? If you’ve had the pleasure of using one you may be wondering how the mattress inflates without the need to pump in any air?

When the mattress is new or being stored it’s rolled up which compresses the open-cell foam inside the mattress. Open-cell foam wants to expand so when the mat is unrolled the foam expands and literally sucks the air into mattress once the valve is opened.

If you leave the mattress for around 8-10 minutes the mattress will be pretty much fully inflated, one quick blow on the valve then firms the mattress up.

The great feature of self inflating mattress’s are that when rolled up it’s pretty much the same size as a cheaper foam mat while giving a much more comfortable surface to sleep on.

A blow up mattress’s do given an even better surface to sleep on but are heavy to carry and you also have to blow them up.   So next time your looking for a new surface to sleep on we fully recommend the self inflating option.

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