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When to use Walking Shoes?

Image by ruminatrix via Flickr

When your playing a trip or just a day out walking you need to decide on what type of footwear to take. One point that can slightly confuse people is walking shoes and walking boots. The two are different in shape, style and in purpose.

A simple difference in the shape, walking shoes stop below the ankle, while walking boots carry on above the ankle giving extra support. The laces will also carry on above the ankle and often be wrapped around the back of the ankle then tied at the front. Shoes are often made from lighter material while the boots are made from leather and can feature steel toe caps.

Walking shoes are lighter so can’t help you walk a little quicker, while the boots are heavier so over a long distance can slow you slightly down.

As for purpose I personally go for a walking shoe when the terrain is going to be pretty flat, not too rocky and stable underfoot. Where boots are great if there’s going to be lose ground, rocks, mud and it’s wet! Often this means it’s better value to buy walking shoes, as you can then use them for everyday use such as the walk to work, taking the dog out, going to the shops or working in the garden, all tasks that a walking boot would be overkill.

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