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MusucBag: sleeping bag with arms and legs

The MusucBag is the new line of sleeping bags by Rodrigo Alonso, the designer of the Selk Bag which was featured on The Apprentice last year. Similar to the Selk Bag, the MusucBag has incorporated arms and legs to allow for extra mobility, making it a much more practical option compared with standard sleeping bags.

According to the company, MusucBag “has been reborn and improved in all areas including high quality materials and practical features”.

There are zips around the hand area so that your hands can come out of the sleeping allowing you to hold things while zips on the leg area provide ventilation to cool you down. There is also durable canvas on the feet so you walk around comfortably.

There is also a line for children, called MusucBag Kids. These sleeping bags have all the above features with the addition of a pocket for an MP3 player.

With a funky design, the MusucBag sleeping bags are bound to be a hit for festival goers.

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