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The World Cup Outdoors?

South Africa World Cup Sticker Box
Image by CuLeX- via Flickr

The world cup is here and as most of the nation get ready to watch the world’s biggest tournament we thought a blog would be in order to help you enjoy the matches outdoors!


A few options, use a tent and place the TV in the tent to give it shade and protection from rain. You could put the TV inside point out of a window but that can cause a gaze with the window.  The ultimate option is to use a garage if you can and have a TV projector onto the front of the garage.

You need to have a good seat for the matches, best of all some camping chairs have a cup holder which should hold a beer can easily. You can also pick up England camping chairs from Tesco which feature the England flag. There’s the small fold up chair, fold up sofa or the giant red and blue lounger.


You need to keep your drinks cool but if you don’t want to miss any of the match and don’t have a maid to pass you a drink from the fridge you’ll want a cool box right next to you. Make sure it’s able to fit plenty of cans and keep cool all the way from the 12:30 kick off till the late 7:30 kick off.

Hopefully you should have everything ready for a good session of watching the beautiful game!

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