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Ecover Washing-Up Liquid

Following on from the Outdoors Show we’ve still got some products to review and the next is the Ecover Washing-Up Liquid. We grabbed two sample bottles to have a look later on and we’ve been pleasantly surprised.  As per the name, Ecover Washing-Up Liquid is a eco friendly product which allows you to wash up in the wild without having to worry about the waste.

Ecover Washing-Up Liquid

The product is made from plant ingredients to give it’s smell, it’s kind to your skin and leaves behind not chemicals. What is left behind is biodegradability, this means it doesn’t affect any plant life and also can be used to clean a septic tank. I’m guessing it would be also great for cleaning out fish tanks.

The eco friendliness then continues in the bottle, made out of polyethylene; cap of polypropylene and polyethylene both are 100% recyclable. Larger bottlers are great for the home but we’ll felt these little sample bottles of 100ml were great for a short camping trip.

As well as washing up liquid Ecover also make cleaners, car wash liquid, shower gel etc … all eco friendly.  Head over to the great ecover section at ethical superstore for more information and to buy.

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