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BioLite Stove – A New Way to Cook

The BioLite Stove is a really cool new invention giving you another option to cook your food while camping. The main unique selling point is the stove requires no gas or liquid fuel, you burn twigs, leaves and anything you find on your travels.

The stove is supported by an electrical fan which adds oxygen to the fire, that fan is powered by the heat generated. A few leaves and a starting block can help to get fire going and thus the fan heating. You can then change the amount of oxygen being supplied to the fire to turn up and down the heat.

Other benefits of this stove include the ability to take the stove on a plane as their is no gas, feet to stand the stove up securely and the ability to fold up the stove up for easy storage.

Currently the stove is in testing status with a patent pending, it could be in the shops this spring / summer. More details about the BioLite Stove including a great little video over at We’ll be keeping our eyes out for a release date and would love to get out hands on a unit to test!

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