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BioLite: an electricity generating camping stove

Originally developed for use in the developing world, BioLite is a portable low emission, wood burning cooking stove which converts heat from the fire into electricity to power small gadgets. Its dual function is perfect for campers and hikers who can’t bear to be apart from their beloved gadgets. On a more practical level, it is ideal for longer camping trips or for travellers going to remote areas around the world.

The stove can be fired up by burning biomass fuels such as wood and pine cones which should be available in abundance in camping areas. A thermoelectric generator is activated by the excess heat generated from the fire which spins a fan which provides oxygen to keep the fire going. It is also key to generating electricity. No petroleum or batteries are required saving you some space in your backpack as you won’t need to carry fuel around but, more importantly, the stove offers an eco-friendly way of cooking outdoors. The electricity generated can be stored and gadgets can be plugged into a USB port in the side of the unit to power them up.

The stove is said to be able to boil a pan of water faster than traditional camping stoves. According to BioLite, the stove cuts wood consumption in half, reduces smoke emissions by 95% and nearly eliminates black carbon.

As well as being efficient, the stove is light in weight, at just 10 ounces, making it perfect for backpackers.

The stove is expected to launch in the US and will retail around $80.

A demonstration of how the BioLite stove works can be seen in the video below.

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