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5 space saving tips for camping trips

We all know how much of a nightmare it is when we have too much stuff and too little space to fit it all in. So here’s 5 tips to consider when packing for a camping trip.

1. Take silicone plates and bowls. Bowls are of an odd shape and can take up a lot of space, especially if you do not utilise the space within the bowl shape. Silicone plates and bowls are “squishy” and can be squashed so that they take up minimum space.

2. Take sporks and knorks instead of three separate spoons, forks and knives. As well as minimising space when packing, it also reduces the amount of washing up you have to do after a meal. Bonus!

3. Take food which is packaged in packets rather than tins. Not only does tinned food take up a lot of space but they are also extremely heavy. For example, take cup-a-soups instead of tinned soups. You can even get some wholesome meals in packets, such as the Look What We Found range of ready meals, which include a sausage casserole and a mutton stew. The meals come in a foil bag and can be prepared by boiling the packet in a water, which also means that you do not need to bring a can opener. One less item!

4. Plan ahead. Create a check list so that you remember to bring all the essentials. Then decide on items which you can perhaps buy when you get to your destination. Most campsites are surrounded by farms so buying items such as eggs and milk is relatively easy. This can also save you some space.

5. Roll clothes when packing. It seems strange but rolling T-shirts and trousers instead of folding them neatly actually saves a lot of space as the items are more compact.

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