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Google adds US cycling routes to Google Maps

Google Street View Bilbao 2
Image by artberri via Flickr

Internet giant Google has today launched a cycling option in Google Maps. The feature, called “Bicycling”, is currently only available in the US but will likely be rolled out to other countries in due course.

As with the existing car and walking options, the Bicycling option provides the best route for cyclists to get from A to B by identifying bike trails, quieter roads and where possible, routes which have a minimum incline. The routes were submitted by a number of cycle campaign groups. Cyclists also have the opportunity to submit new bike routes and to comment on which routes to avoid.

StreetView is also available through the cycling option with some of the bike route images being taken by the Google StreetView trike.

According to various sources, Google has not yet requested cycle route information from any UK cycling campaign groups. Hopefully, Google will launch this service in the UK as it would save a significant amount of time planning cycling routes in, for example, the Peak District or the Lake District. Having said that, I am not too sure how the Google StreetView trike will cope with the rocky grounds and the hills at these parks…

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