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The 10 commandments of Bear Grylls

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We all love Bear Grylls and most men would love to go on the adventures that Bear embarks on, so we have created The 10 commandments of Bear Grylls for you to follow.

If you can follow these 10 commandments during you everyday life then you’ll become a little more like the man we all admire. These have been designed for normal live in the city and at the office!

  1. If you see a bus you need to catch run for it. Jump on in even if it’s still moving.
  2. Every meal you eat has to include meat.
  3. Eat something that you have to catch or pick from the ground.
  4. Slide down banisters, never take lifts and alway stride more than one step  at a time if taking the stairs.
  5. Take short cuts, don’t take the long way round even if it means getting dirty or wet.
  6. Hop at least 7 fences a day, be that garden or railings.
  7. Get naked outside at least once a day
  8. Always have spare dry clothes with you.
  9. Start a fire.
  10. Make a raft or a shelter each day.

Good luck with the The 10 commandments of Bear Grylls!

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